Industrial Design

SANOER’S is serving clients on :

  1. Preparing and prosecuting design  application
  2. Handling matters related to the re-examination of design, opposition and invalidation petition of design
  3. Handling matters related to authorization and assignment of design right
  4. Providing services of prior design and searching, infringement investigations and opinions
  5. Offering services of design assignment and authorization
  6. Pay the annual / renewal fees.

Industrial Design Filing Procedure in Indonesia

Designs that are contrary to the prevailing laws and regulations, public order, religion, or morality cannot be registered in Indonesia. An industrial design application coming from the any country which is the member of the Paris Convention may claim the priority rights within 6 months from the first filing date.
The term of protection for a registered industrial design in Indonesia is 10 years as of the filing date.

registering procedure
An application of industrial design will be published at the latest 3 months from the filing date.
The publication will take place within 3 months wherein any party may file an opposition within this period. If there is no opposition within the period of publication, the industrial design will be registered in 30 days from the termination of the publication period.
However, if there is an opposition, the application will be examined by comparing the industrial design in question and the opposition. In this case the requirement of newness will be applied. If the industrial design is new, the design will be registered.

A licensing agreement must be recorded at the Indonesian Design Office in order to have legal effects against any third party.

document required to file an industrial design application

  1. Power of attorney (no authorization required)
  2. Assignment (no authorization required)
  3. Statement of Owner (no authorization required)
  4. Certified copy of the priority document(s) if the application claims priority rights
  5. Description of design (to be translated into Indonesian language),

Drawings or photographs of the design; minimum size: 10×10 cm and maximum size: 20×30 cm on HVS A-4 100 gram.


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